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Lightnin Malcolm's own word's... about the Songs

 1. "Workin" Rollin from town to town, ridin down the highway... still buzzin off the adrenaline of last nights dance party, ready to do it all over again... we were made for this... in love with the job. Keepers of ancient hidden codes... bringin it to the people.

2. "My Lifes a Wreck" An autobiograghical piece... set to the guitar boogie magic style of T-Model Ford, and introducing his grandson STUD's (Gentle Carl White) housewrecking drum style to this juke joint stomper!!

3. "Dellareesa" the story of the one that got away...Eyes that shine like diamonds. This is a happy dance floor favorite, "world boogie is comin"

4. "Reality Check" Playin your music across the sky...with your feet planted on the ground. Gravity and Balance of seeking peace and fighting for whats right.

5. "So Much Trouble" Blood and diesel spilled out on the sand...pieces of bridge still hanging in the sky... smoke risin off the city. All this is temporary, You just dont know how good you got it.

6. "Rough Out There" Cotton aint king no more, a new cash crop has moved into the fields. I purposefully set the tone and message of this song in the younger generation, but believe me its nothin but the Blues!! Look down that road young soldiers.

7. "Took Too Long" Tried and tested juke joint groove...Some people study takin yo kindness for weakness...you can miss your blessing tied up in the wrong place.

8. "Givin You Away" Wrote itself with the sun setting over Oakland, California in my rear view mirror. Headin back to Mississippi after a brief stint with domesticallity in the city... Forever may the Outlaw roam.

9. "Money" Wrote this one in the backseat of a van touring across Europe... You actually at the crossroads everyday of your life... Every decision affects what happens next.

10. "Chiefs" As a boy I played in the woods and felt spirits in the sounds and winds through trees... its the only thing nobody taught me...Nature is unforgiving... you must stay alert to survive. This song goes out to the elder Masters I learned from... true tribal chiefs, Zen masters, Keepers of the flame, creating the sounds of survival.

11. "Young Woman, Old Fashioned Ways" One of my greatest teachers was Cedell Davis. This one is inspired by his rock steady, raw and funky slide blues, about everyday life. A tribute to the lovely ladies out there, carrying on like thier grandmama's taught them!!

12. "Mama" My Mama is my greatest hero, and I push hard to make her proud of how far this music has taken me. I love working with a horn section, especially in a big room like this.

13. "Stomp Yo Feet, Clap Yo Hands" As a teenager i played guitar in the C.O.G.I.C. church... "shout music", highly improvised... the room would explode with intensity... all the fustrations of the week would come pouring out on Sunday morning... and the endless boogie was forever imbedded in me. You gota stomp, clap, jump, and shout... work yourself to the spirit! Stomp yo feet and clap yo hands are top commandments in my good book!!!

14. "How Blessed You Are" A collaboration with inspirational Producer and Rapper Larry P. from south Memphis. We just had a great time cuttin it, its a lota fun and also very serious. This track is actually closer to the sounds ringing out of the modern day juke joints... I like ending the record on a very upbeat note. Hold yo head up!! You dont know how good you got it!!